If Conservatives are from South Park

If conservatives are from South Park

: … then liberals are from Deadwood. Or so says Matt Welch: ” Out with the mealy-mouthed PC murmuring, in with the ribald & flowery language of the American frontier.”

I’d prefer the idea that liberals live on Wisteria Lane. [via Sploid]

  • JRK

    Nice how Welch reverses the definition of PC and then redefines what liberals are really for…and it ain’t free speech–as anyone who’s been near a campus plainly knows. And Deadwood ain’t all about swearing. It’s about toting pistols and rifles, getting laid without signing a contract about ‘when no means no,’ and capitalism rejecting rules handicapping the winners. That’s what it’s really about and I’m not surprised–having read Welch before–that he misses the point because he obsesses about the surface of things. Par for the course for him.

  • “JRK” — Nowhere in my post did I define, let alone “redefine,” what liberals are for. I was making a suggestion, even while calling it “farfetched.” Nor did I come close to hinting that Deadwood is “all about swearing.”

  • Mike G

    More like 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

  • Susan seems pretty obviously liberal. I’d say that Gabrielle leans to the left (despite her greediness)… makes me wonder what she’s going to do about her probable upcoming pregnancy. Lynnette is in the middle, depends on how much her previous life as high-powered corporate executive has corrupted her, LOL. Bree is a dyed-in-the-wool NRA-type Republican though, as has been prominently pointed out within the show!