Spamming for Jesus

Spamming for Jesus

: I’ve all of a sudden been getting lots of fundamentalist religious spam, the moral equivalent of chain letters and indulgences. Oh, Lord, make it stop.

  • But how sweet, it’s concern for your everlasting soul. Now try to figure out what you did to suggest that it was in danger. Could it have been your messages to Sensenbrenner and company?

  • hehe – I’m glad I’m not the only one. Mine is mainly of the comment spam variety – weird.

  • EverKarl

    The comment spam is getting to you? Just wait until they unleash the toads and the locusts!

  • hmmm rhetorical banter that links spam with the plagues…
    i love it.

  • They’ll get you to call on Jesus one way or another.
    “Christ, is this crap ever gonna stop!?”

  • SPAM ScreenCap Project at Flickr.
    HarHarHar…Wonder if it had anything to do with that PTC survey you filled out (yes, it does). Check out this story regarding the Social Security Crisis and Activist Organizations.
    All of these activist organizations pimp out your info to the various rightwing direct mail operations, usually either Vicguerie (I butchered that) or Eberle. If you look through the mailing lists that are available, such as the Omega List or Response Unlimited, you’ll find a who’s-who in the rightwing world…
    Alan Keyes 2000 campaign, Left Behind DVD/Video Buyers,, Randall Terry, Richard Viguerie’s American Target Advertising GOP Donor’s, GOPUSA, American Border Patrol, and the Philadelphia Catholic Standard and Times.
    Are you a fan of conservative pundits? Subscribe to their sites or emails? They’re making money of your info!
    Ever since I signed up for OneMillionMoms to send my Rush Limbaugh FOIA to the FCC, I’ve been getting their charming missives reagrding media boycotts, contact your senator, yada-yada-yada.
    You know how they say that 50% of spam recipients have bought something from a spam email? I think these are the recipients and those are the emails.
    I’ve been keeping them and taking screen caps. So far, I’m entitled to a free PSP, iPod, Payday Loand, Secured Credit Cards, free household appliances, $250 Kmart gift certificates, free Kodak cameras, in addition to pleas to contact your representatives regarding “activist judges”, teh gays, and other threats to this Christian Nation.

  • pp

    a great reason to always use in your email address.
    I took the survey too and was leary of the “junk” it would produce, I am thankful I didnt use my real address