Next: FoxNews Friends, BBC Buddies, and Post Pals

Next: FoxNews Friends, BBC Buddies, and Post Pals

: I keep looking for signs that it is a parody but I can’t find them. There is actually a site called Friends of Al Jazeera. Why? “Journalism is in tatters and AlJazeera is trying to bring back some dignity to the profession.”

  • Kat

    God help the profession if its dignity depends on Al Jazeera and its friends.

  • I’m grateful for al Jazeera, because it provides a dose of reality that one cannot find in America’s nationalistic press.
    People who criticize al Jazeera are people who never read it on a regular basis — and base their opinions solely on excerpts of reporting and commentary that is not reflective of al Jazeera as a whole. Imagine if your image of CNN or the New York Times was based solely on excerpts that presented far right wing reports and commentary from those sources, and you get some idea of how inaccurate the impression that most people have of al Jazeera is.

  • Joe

    Kat (and Jeff), I wonder if you’ve ever watched AlJazeera or are you just repeating what the Western press and the White House spit out about it?
    You’d be suprised to know that AlJazeera has done more to promote your ideals (democracy,free speech, blah blah) in the Middle East than anyone else (take for example their detailed coverage of the US election from the primaries on).
    I’d love to know what you have against the channel…
    (P.S. Maybe you should pick up Hugh Miles book on AlJazeera that has been published recently)

  • Faramin

    I tell what they have against Al-Jazeera:
    They are against anything that gives you a different prosepctive on middle-east issues, other than what is presented by the main-stream US media. Despite the claims of professionalism, dignity and freedom loving, many have shown numerous times that they remain “ethical” only as long as what is out there matches their agendas and their way of thinking, otherwsie they can easily be ignored if not twisted.
    And about Kat, well, read a few comments from him then you will see that he doesn’t have anything to offer but cursing at Muslims, other than that he really doesn’t know what he is talking about.