Google views

Google views

: Dana Blankenhorn says that the demonization of Google has begun. He says they need an editor and he applies.

I’m not so sure that solves their problems. An editor chose the neonazi hate site they had. A business strategy has to deal with Agence France Presse. Customer relations have to deal with hiding basic business terms from ad partners. A corporate policy of transparency is needed.

It’s really about attitude. I’m seeing in Google the same sort of aloof arrogance I saw in Yahoo and so many other online giants in their day.

What we’re really seeing his the humbling of Google. And Google needs it.

  • at 182.17 a share it will take a village of bloggers to humble those nerds.
    best of luck to you!

  • hana

    Aside from posting a link to a single Nazi site (which was removed), WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH GOOGLE????
    There cannot be a more open, free and democratic news site on the globe…
    What is your real agenda here, Jeff? Is it because they let US citizens see points of view from places like Al Jazeera, Ha’aretz or the Sydney Morning Herald?
    Can’t people judge for themselves any more what’s worth reading and what’s not? I mean, look at FOX!!!
    Your insistence on pushing this issue is very odd…

  • Good luck on that demonization thing. Michael Gorman, the incoming President of the American Library Association, has been slagging Google as well in the public record only to find himself doing damage control ever since with his electorate. He also thinks very ill of blogs.

  • I do agree that google news does need more editors or at least people with journalism experience.
    One helpful feature would be an about link next to every news source which gives you a brief description of the source and a link for more information.
    It would also be good to have a google news blog which gives more context to the news (and weeds through the endless repeats of wire stories to find the best articles and other media).

  • Michael Zimmer

    I think along with a humbling of Google, our culture needs to have a humbling of the “greatness of Google.” Too often Google is percieved as a neutral arbiter of knoweldge, the provider of infallible links, and the final word in what is “on the web.”

  • Kwisatz Haderach

    Hana: Stop ranting and start keeping up. And now I think your pride is affronted by mine, which towers every bit as high as yours, but is accompanied by greater intelligence and better prose style.
    The remark, “Customer relations have to deal with hiding basic business terms from ad partners,” refers to the ad partners’ desire that Google disclose to them the percentage of ad revenue Google is keeping and the percentage they’re passing on to the ad partners. What Mr. Jarvis is referring to is a money issue in a business dealing, no negligible thing to those of us who think we’re every bit as worthy as Google to make money. Nor in speaking of Google’s inclusion of the neo-Nazi site is Mr. Jarvis speaking only of their inclusion of it; he’s also alluding to Google’s exclusion of webloggers. This is something else known to those of us who are keeping up. I’m not certain, myself, of the point of Mr. Jarvis’s remark about the Agence France Presse, but I suspect he thinks AFP is a propaganda organ, in much the way you think Fox is a propaganda organ. I wonder if you’ll concede that Mr. Jarvis can have an opinion about AFP, just as you can about Fox.
    You said, “There cannot be a more open, free and democratic news site on the globe [than Google’s].” But how is it democratic? Do you have a say? Do I? Mr. Jarvis wants just to speak his mind about Google, but your tone leads me to think you would stop him outright, if you could. I don’t think democracy is your model, Hana, because you speak to Mr. Jarvis as if he has offered lege majeste to the minister of some queen or blasphemy to the high priest of some goddess. Hana, I don’t think you’re a democrat; I think you want to rule the world.