Not again

Not again

: A large, 8.2 quake has hit near Jakarta. Tsunami warning issued. Command Post is on the case. GoogleNews feed here.

  • dries

    this is so unreal – i was supposed to leave for singapore & thailand on march 21. i had joked that lightening wasn’t likely to strike twice in same spot & that SE asia would have been a safest spot to visit. luckily, my gf had some problems with her passport, we had to reschedule the flight, lost hotel reservations in the process & we ended up cancelling whole trip. i feel relieved i wasn’t there, but i hope those who made the trip, were just as fortunate.

  • Dishman

    If I understand correctly, there were predictions of a >8.0 on that section of fault, in part because of the movement of the 12/26 quake. If there isn’t massive devastation, then this quake could actually be called a good thing.

  • dan

    At least this time, there is warning. Let’s hope that enough people hear it to minimize the devastation.

  • Jace

    I live in Jakarta (Tangerang area) and didn’t feel a thing. Didn’t affect Jakarta proper at all.