Free speech for free speech, please

Free speech for free speech, please

: The Times today talks about censorship under the reign of Kevin Martin, new chairman of the FCC. They quote Brent Bozell, self-appointed head of the so-called Parents Television Council.

But they don’t quote anyone from the other side.

The other side needs another side. We need an Americans Free Speech Council. We need to stand up for the First Amendment. And when reporters write stories such as this, they should see that their stories are incomplete if they don’t hear from the other side, the side of free speech and the First Amendment.

  • ED Beckmann

    When will the right begin to listen too. Jeff? I’m a little tired of everyone jumping all over the Times when it leans left but the right just keeps on trucking along. How can we attack the likes of Dan Rather and at the same time let Faux go un challenged? Not every story need to be Fair and Balanced ask those who claim the term as their own

  • Pat Shields

    Ready when you are. I’d even be willing to pay dues to any organization willing to combat these “thought-policing”cretins!
    They are a good example of the old expression that “the wheel that sqeaks gets the oil”!

  • Jeff – ACLU?

  • Brent Bozell is a dick.

  • Brent Bozell is a dick.

  • Appologies for the double post- although it does bear repeating.

  • dan

    Brent Bozell is a dick.

  • dan

    Apologies for repeating Richard’s double post but it bears repeating by someone in addition to Richard.

  • matt

    in the final paragraph in the NYT article Sen. Rockefeller states, that if there is not voluntary actions taken by the industry to “protect the children” then congress should take action. i notice that nowhere in that rant does he mention the word “parent”. does anyone else find that troubling?

  • dan

    How about you and Howard Stern set this up? I’m not kidding. Between your constant drum-banging on this issue and the immensity of Stern’s audience, it could do a whole bunch of good. Together you would certainly have the resources. I know I’d send a check were I not an impoverished student.
    Besides, I bet Stern would like to go down in history for something aside from spanking lesbians porn stars. And maybe, just maybe, Oliver Willis would like you again.

  • Salmon Rushdie is head of American Pen. It couldn’t hurt to see if he’s recovered from the Cat Stevens jihad? Yes, I’m being silly.

  • Grace
  • Andy Freeman

    Actually, this isn’t a First Amendment issue, no matter how much MSM would like it to be.
    MSM pushed restrictions on my political speech rights while exempting their own right from said restrictions, so why should I care about MSM’s right to show boobies?

  • Joel

    Yeah, there’s a group out there specifically opposing the efforts of the PTC:
    They’re mentioned in the above linked WaPo article as well.

  • bk

    I think this could be the issue that finally opens wide the GOP’s schism between libertarians and social conservatives.
    Recently some have speculated that Schiavo might do it, but people can talk themsleves into “it won’t happen to me” land on that one. It just takes time.
    But get the government neutering your favorite shows and taking away your porn, and pretty soon a lot of people are saying “hey!” Uncle Sam is not my daddy.
    I say “hey!” I also say, Hey, it bears repeating that Brent Bozell’s a dick.