Vloggers take over the world

Vloggers take over the world

: Here are amazing instructions on how to build your own teleprompter.

: I’m installing the latest version of Serious Magic this weekend (I used the earlier version for my now more-than two-year-old primitive vlogs.)

  • Why bother – Serious Magic’s products http://www.seriousmagic.com are awesome out of the box solutions and can be had at an entry price south of a sawbuck – for a bit more you can have multiple camera angles and for those of you wanting to produce ‘Infomercial’ quality VLogs you can even buy a green screen for chromakeying … so Jeff Jarvis posting ‘live’ in front of The Great Wall of China is now within everyone’s grasp …

  • tim

    speaking of vloggy things, i just reviewed the DemsTV thing at my site. not great. jeff, did you see it? what did you think?

  • Gotta love that teleprompter. Next up: MacGyver builds a transmitter with gum wrappers and a rusty paper clip.

  • It was a better day when people read from papers they held in their hands and shuffled around.

  • I look forward to the near future — nearer than you think — when vlogs start outcompeting networks and news channels.
    “Tonight on Meet Jeff Jarvis…”
    Tremble, Tim Russert!

  • Dego

    Jeff, your blog wins the most narcissistic self-absorbed blog in the net award. congratulations. winners take home glorified self-portraits.

  • Jeff, my congratulations