I’m crushed, I tell you, crushed

I’m crushed, I tell you, crushed

: You’d think she’d prefer shtick, being so shticky. Oh, well. I have to find a way to write more posts involving KY, it appears.

  • Why? Does she have a thing about Kentucky?

  • LOL. Kentucky was my first thought then I realized you were talking about the Wonker.

  • So blogs are for skimming. Who knew?

  • EverKarl

    Can Wonkette possibly have missed the irony in claiming that Jeff lacks a filter? Her filter removes almost eveything except for a**-f****** references. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • What is a Wonkette and why does anybody care what it says?

  • MWB

    Felicitous typo department:
    Somewhere here in the comments within the last couple of weeks, one of the frequent female commenters (Kat or Eileen) accidentally(?) referred to Ms. Cox as “Wankette”.
    I don’t read it myself, but from everything I’ve heard, a very appropriate slip of the keyboard.

  • Saw that too MWB, and given the variety of Wonkette’s subject matter, I doubt it was a slip.
    I was going to crack wise about her being challenged by anything beyond two paragraphs — hence her befuddlement at Jeff’s writing, but that’s wrong. Ana Marie is a good writer. Smart. Ocassionally funny. But like so many of the “gossip bloggers” in the Denton stable — she confuses snark with clever.
    Lately she’s been doing a lot of TV — nothing wrong with self-marketing — but other than leaking faulty election polls and making giddy with some D.C. part-time party princess, she hasn’t really done a lot to merit all this attention.
    Maybe that will all change with her inevitable book, but for now — Wonkette-the Algonquin Roundtable it ain’t.

  • tonynoboloney

    “what is a wonkette and why does anyone care what it says” Thank You, Richard Bennett I’ve been embarassed to ask the same question.