White male blogger II

White male blogger II

: There are tons of comments on the post below (naturally; isn’t that why Steven Levy chose this topic)? This one really irked me:

And sorry but I don’t agree with Jeff Jarvis’ rant about “so what if I’m a white male blogger.” That’s akin to saying, “So what if Harvard president Larry Summers says something derogatory about women’s innate abilities in math and science… he’s just trying to be provocative.” Summers’ comments do matter. They reveal his prejudices and his point of view. And he’s in a unique policy-making position. And, yes, I’m a Harvard grad of the female persuasion. Eegads, did I really say that on my blog? Well what the heck… it’s true. Now link to me, dammit!

Well, damnit, don’t you see that by lumping me in with Summers you are doing to me exactly what Summers is doing to you: You are making assumptions about me just because of my gender and race. You go after Summers because of what he says. You go after me because of what I am.

If that’s not a case of white female bigotry, it is at least a case of hypocrisy and sloppy thinking.

Harvard, eh?

: Oh, and here’s my report card from Halley.