Hitting the big-time

Hitting the big-time

: Jay Rosen appeared on the real journalism show last night: Jon Stewart’s. We’re at this Harvard confab and the hotels don’t have Comedy Central so I emailed Trey Jackson and the human TiVo got it.

: Bill Doskoch has the blow-by-blow.

He started off by explaining how the mainstream media doesn’t have the same influence it once did, that professional and amateur journalists were getting to be on the same plane, and that essentially, there were no rules anymore.

“Sort of like f–king in the 1970s,” Corddry observed.

That appeared to catch Rosen slightly off-guard.

The program talked a bit about blogging. Corddry said declaratively to Rosen, “you’re a blogger.” Rosen happily agreed that indeed he was. “Well thank you for wearing pants,” Corddry said.

: Crooks & Liars has the video, too. It’s a great segment.

They just showed it here at the journalism confab I’m attending. What’s great is that now you have media machers (mostly) expressing their admiration for Jon Stewart (with grumbling and shaking heads in only a few corners). There is admiration that Jon Stewart isn’t dull, he has life, he calls bullshit bullshit.

  • Franky

    It’s unbelievable with such a panorama of buffoons in the democrat and republican parties that no one else is doing such good satire. The Daily Show is a gem.

  • Cog

    Wow, that was supposed to be funny?

  • jon

    Jon Stewarts’ interview with Ari Fleisher was a disappointment…but then I remembered it is a “fake” news show. huh.

  • Yeah it really bugs me when people use fake names and pretend to be journalists… Isn’t that right Jonathan Leibowitz? Glass houses.

  • paladin

    I suspect the Stewart “dittoheads” will disagree, but I don’t think Stewart is much different from other partisan ranters since he mostly calls “bullshit” on the other side, and not his own.

  • Franky

    Yeah, I think Paladin’s right. I think there should be equal time.
    God do you even think about what you’re writing before you put it on the screen? Republicans are becoming like a slot machine, drop a coin in an get your prepackaged answer.
    Satire is supposed to make fun of the powerful – but of course owning the executive, senate and congress still makes the right the persecuted minority because Dan Rather has a job, I guess.

  • fubar

    It always crackz me up to see your wingnut entourage go all postal when you betray them. Echo chamber anyone? Anyway, mad greetz out to the freepers and rogerlsimoni, no fearz babiez, tomorrow jarviz will snark at democrats some moore.

  • Is there a boycott going on somewhere against the letter ‘s?’ Gee, I miss all the fun.