Rather’s punchline

Rather’s punchline

: Here’s a transcript of Dan Rather on David Letterman. They do talk about Rathergate.

  • tonynoboloney

    This must be a non-story that no one else has commented…………but, that was a pretty good interveiw with Dan Rather. While I believe ol’ Dan to be one of the most biased reporters of the 20th century I can understand his want to “put a period” on this. I would not have expected Dan to say anything else having got caught hiding the cookie jar. what is really mind blowing is his belief (during the election process) that single handedly he could have actually effected the out-come of the election.

  • J. Peden

    I thought Letterman gave a great interview and Rather did speak “factually” and pretty realistically. The only b.s. I really reacted to a little was Rather’s claim that CBS broke the “biggest story of the year”[recall, only], Abu Ghraib. Groan, all of a sudden it was ground hog day all over again.