Macho cat blogging

Macho cat blogging

: From the AP: “Cat Survives 10-Mile Trip on Top of Car”

  • Del

    I had a cat that survived many miles and about 60 miles per hour under my car, sitting up under there somewhere. She dropped out on the way to work, I saw her in my rearview mirror, lol. Went back and got her in someones yard and she was OK. Missed work that day. :-)
    Had a dog that jumped out of the window too going about 50 miles per hour. She was ok too. lol
    Both true stories.

  • JEH

    “Cat on a hot METAL roof” :)

  • This is a classic weird news animal story. Reminds me of National Lampoon’s Vacation where they accidentally leave the dog tied to the bumper and drive for miles down the road.