Alphabet news: AP get RSS

Alphabet news: AP get RSS

: Susan Mernit reports that the AP has put up more than a dozen RSS feeds. This is good news for RSS. But it’s also damned interesting news for the news business. This means that readers can now go directly to news stories on the AP’s site and not on members’ (clients’) sites (realize that the AP is a collective owned by many of the news organizations it serves; that’s why they also let the AP use their news). I’m wondering whether that’s going to cause a burp. When the AP started its online news service, it went to incredible pains to make sure you could get to it only through members’ sites. I wonder whether Reuters’ plans to build an online brand of its own is causing a little competitive indigestion.

  • Jim Kennedy

    Just to be clear, this is an experimental move to test the impact of RSS on the news pages AP hosts for its members. When a user picks up one of these feeds from a member site, the click-throughs will go to that member’s branded version of the hosted news pages. We also posted a link to the feeds on the corporate site, as a convenience. And, soon, those click-throughs will be “geo-targeted” to appropriate member brands. Hope this clarifies.

  • button

    First, Reuters (aka Al-Reuters in the blogsphere) aleady has its own website you can go to.
    Second, this “leap” has been somewhat mitigated, I believe, via Yahoo!News and then MyWay.
    I usually try to find an alternate news source for a few reasons, including: in order to avoid “Mind Lock” in which everyone uses the same single news source, which, I think, makes us the poorer for it.
    This is just one facet of an increasingly apalling practice of the pay-TV news channels which pick one or two leading stories they follow obsessively and a few subsidiary stories, reducing the entire world to a small handful of news stories. For example, they have repeated the Michael Jackson case over and over again, but nothing about what has been going on in Egypt.
    The overall picture is alarmingly REDUCTIONIST and is a malicious attempt to stupify the American public.