MT help

MT help

: Sorry the comments weren’t working earlier; the host had a spam attack and shut down comments; they’re back. The host is also pushing me to upgrade from MT 2.6.

Question: Does that ruin all my permalinks? Is there any way to prevent that?

  • Al

    An MT upgrade — providing you download the correct files, run the upgrade scripts in the proper order and follow the instructions explicitly — should not affect the permalinks or templates. In theory, the upgrade will be transparent to your users.
    I would encourage you to act on this. There are significant security fixes in newer versions of MT and some of the vulnerabilities in 2.6 can impact the performance of a shared server.

  • I recommend Mt-Blacklist and MT 3.14 or higher. AS soon as you get through chasing comment spam, you’ll start getting trackback spam.
    Stacy Tabb at Sekimori Designs is a master at install and conversions of MT systems, she works fast and I highly recommend her work.

  • Tom

    I’ll echo the comments above, both on re-importing and Stacy. I can also suggest a few others who are excellent at the re-install, etc.

  • Jen

    I had no problems with the permalinks and my templates when I switched over from 2.6 to 3.11. I did break my permalinks when I switched over to dynamic publishing though. I haven’t broken anything in subsequent upgrades; I’m running 3.15 now.
    If you aren’t already using it, I’d install Typemover – – before you run the upgrade so that you can make a good backup.

  • Jeff, I just upgraded from 2.6 to 3.15. It wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but that was mostly because of my own mistakes. My templates are highly customized – originally by Stacy Tabb, and then very extensively by me. I also had a lot of plugins and add-ons installed.
    And I downloaded the wrong file. I tried to upgrade using the new full install, rather than the upgrade install. This hosed my old install in several ways. Luckily, I had my templates backed up, as well as my archives. After two solid days of work, I’ve got everything pretty much up and running again, although I did lose a few of the most recent posts, and a bit of functionality.
    The next time I do something like this, I’ll hire Stacy again. If you value your time at more than busboy wages, you’d do well to consider that option. I know I wish I’d done so.
    On the other hand, I do like the new version better than the preceding one. Is it worth a hundred bucks? Your mileage may very, but to me, yes, because Daily Pundit is a group blog now, with a total of seven authors. You can get by with the lower cost version, I expect.

  • coz

    I upgraded from 2.6something to 3.15 a few weeks ago. A couple of glitches, but the bulk of my site works. The permalinks were no problem, as long as you don’t change the default file extension — I switched to .shtml for some includes recently, and that cause more problems than the upgrade did, but nothing insurmountable. Unless pissing off webcrawlers is a problem.
    Plugin compatibility is probably your biggest obstacle. At least it was mine. You need to have a PERL module called Storable set up in order for MT-Blacklist to work. I’ve also had a persistent problem with the MultiBlog plugin, particularly that it won’t work, and nobody online seems to know why.

  • I just moved all three blogs to a new host.
    I installed 3.15 at the new host, ran mt-load.cgi, the deleted all rows from all tables.
    On the old host, I exported all database tables except those dealing with blacklist. I used the -c switch and –no_created_tables or whatever it is.
    On the new host I imported the database tables using mysql’s source command.
    Then, I deleted all rows from mt_plugininfo, and initialized blacklist.
    If you’re moving within the same host, you could follow a similar procedure, just point the new installation at the old database, deleting and reinitializing blacklist as described above.
    If you don’t understand what’s written above, just follow MT’s instructions instead.

  • Doh! I just realized that that won’t work for most MT upgrades because they add columns and perhaps other things as well. So, use MT’s method to upgrade, but the method above can be used to move MT blogs that are of the same version. (Unless you wanted to add those new columns yourself).

  • We can maintain all your permalinks no problem, Jeff. Shoot me an email if you need an upgrade install and I’ll get you in touch with our team. (I’d emailed you on this, dunno if you got that.)

  • Dan G

    You should upgrade from MT to WordPress. Once you’ve dealth with upgrading, it makes things much easier.

  • FYI, blacklist was causing 500 errors on our server (, but nobody at MT or 1and1 had figured this out. (My boyfriend finally did.) It turned out that I had double the space of my content in comment denials on the server. He removed blacklist, reinstalled, and now it’s okay, but expects to have to do it again when it gets clogged in the future.