Unidentified Flying Objection

Unidentified Flying Objection

: I thought the low-point in NBC News’ history was a Geraldo Rivera special on — no, not the vault — but satanism. The low-point in CBS news is probably Rathergate. Now I’m wondering whether tonight is the low-point in ABC’s: a special on UFOs. I’m hoping they prove that Barbara Walters is an alien.

  • von

    ABC is showing bloggers what high quality news really is: UFO Reporting!

  • I think any self-respecting alien is going to draw the line far north of Baba when it comes to choosing subjects for probing.

  • J. Peden

    The Killer Bees demand equal time!

  • Mike

    When will they will discuss the Loch Ness Monster and bigfoot?!!

  • jeremy in NYC

    A helicopter (black, of course) just flew past my window (40th floor) with a huge banner for this stupid show. ABC must really be proud of this one.

  • Gregg

    “ABC is showing bloggers what high quality news really is: UFO Reporting!”
    And Buzzmachine is showing MSM what high quality blogging really is: Keebler’s Gates.

  • Patricia

    Well, since the war in Iraq is going fairly well, they have to report on something!

  • Del

    I know its ridiculous, but Im actually planning on watching it. I like to see what kooky crap people believe…makes me feel superior, heh. And Ill bet they have skeptics on as well, or someone to explain what the significance is of this phenomenon – what does it tell us about ourseves that people wanna believe in UFOs? Its kinda like religion, I think. Anyhow, with Jennings involved, giving it cred – Ill bet it gets boffo ratings.

  • mike:
    Been done. You missed it.
    And don’t forget, President Jimmy Carter claims to this day he had an encounter with a UFO, and he knows they’re real. Maybe if you were from Georgia, you’d need something substantial to believe in.

  • AllenS

    Are there a lot of scientologists involved in the media? Let me quote from above “Its kinda like religion, I think”. Moonbattery at its highest. Gawd, I hate TV.

  • von

    Are there a lot of scientologists involved in the media?
    I think there is a requirement of being rich in order to get into the scientology thing, so there are probably a lot of them in the media, right?

  • Put me to sleep, but I actually tried to watch to see why ABC decided to do UFO’s. Seems like people feeling outside the beaten path develop intense loyalties, i.e., cult mentality. Good demographics. Maybe a political party will discover this one. They probably commit heavily and being very defensive will not be swayed easily by information which contradicts whatever they believe, particularly facts and statistics. Funny. This reminds me of some other faction that’s been developed by some political party.