Good ol’ days

Good ol’ days

: TVNewser gets an exclu interview with the new CBS VP in charge of ass-covering, Linda Mason. She has been at the network since 1966! They didn’t exactly go for new blood and fresh perspectives and shaking things up, did they?

FoxNews’ Brigitte Quinn told me when we were off-camera today that when she was at CBS Radio, there was a separate society of Murrowites. I wonder whether Mason is one of them; she is of that vintage. The point: All the Murrow Legacy hooha is part of what’s wrong with CBS, I think; it’s part of the misguided belief that this is the Tiffany Network and that they can do no wrong. They most certainly can.

This isn’t about recapturing some good old day.’

This is about figuring out the tomorrow of news.

Mason says she wants CBS News to be transparent. Let’s help her define that.

: LATER: Jay Rosen and I agree that this is about rethinking the news business. He has a very good and very clear suggestion for where CBS should start: Publish complete interviews you conduct, CBS, and let us judge your selections.

Personally, I hope that broken contraption “trust us, we’re CBS,” forces the network into the clear skies of a new idea: We used to do our reporting in a way that required the public to trust us, the professional journalists. It worked for a while, but times and platforms change. Now we have to do our reporting in a way that persuades the public to trust us.

CBS News: are you up to it?

Right. Add that to the advice I gave here: Slice – Add – Link – Listen.