Fogging? Mogging? Bogging? Dogging? Jogging?

Fogging? Mogging? Bogging? Dogging? Jogging?

: Howard Kurtz finds out that blogging is a bad word:

Has “blog” become a radioactive word? Check out these comments from Editor & Publisher:

“‘I think there’s a real role for blogs in the future of online journalism,’ says Doug Feaver, executive editor of But how exactly to handle them, he says, ‘is one of the main questions for mainline news sites.’ For starters, there’s the question of terminology. ‘We’re going to have to call them something else,’ Feaver says, noting the ‘baggage’ the term carries with some newspaper editors.

“His designated successor, Jim Brady, who takes over in February, notes that when they discuss blogs with editors from the print Post, they don’t use the ‘b’ word.”

And here I thought I was blogging away! How deluded of me. It’s actually an online compilation written in real time with links to news stories and some bl–I mean, some journals of Web opinion. I stand corrected.