Media whiplash

Media whiplash

: Started the day on Air America’s Morning Sedition; sandwiched in FoxNews (for whom my primary value was that I was four blocks away); ended it with Hugh Hewitt.

I’m enjoying Morning Sedition’s Marc Maron and Mark Riley more every week. As we dissect media, sometimes we agree and sometimes we don’t. They’re good at radio.

I also have enjoyed two appearances on Hewitt’s show; he’s a radio pro who keeps things moving with good questions. We, too, disagree about some things and agree about others (namely, Dan Rather and blogs) but the discussion is good.

I bookmark the day with a liberal show and a conservative one but they’re both good at radio — at news — because they’re good at conversation.

  • dries

    it doesn’t matter if you’re a conservative or a liberal, as long you are open to sensible debate, agree to disagree and are willing to concede a point..