Without boos

Without boos

: I like having the speeches the next day and not at the boozy victory/defeat parties on election night: No embarrassing boos. No danger of a Dean Scream. The Kerry event did look rather like a funeral with limo drivers pacing outside the door and old Uncle Ted hugging in condolence. Still, I like seeing this in daylight. Much classier.

  • Jesse

    No boos? I feel like I could use some good stiff booze right about now.

  • Actually, the word is ‘booz’ from Booz Allen and Hamilton, a company in Maryland that made the first bottle of ‘booz’.
    And was outlawed on election days after people given much of it free in return for their votes, such as Edgar Allen Poe in Baltimore, died of the effects.

  • Rob M

    I had not thought about that difference. Would it be better to have the candidates give their speech on Wed Morn at 10 am and at high noon let the winnner go. I mean who really watches at 2 or 3 in the morning anyway (besides dorks like me)?
    I really think I like that idea, plus I could use the sleep.