Pathetic blog basher’s cry for attention

Pathetic blog basher’s cry for attention

: Frank Barnako is trying to turn himself into John Dvorak or Andrew Orlowski: Desperate for attention and traffic, he decides to bash bloggers with the sure knowledge — this being the proof — that they will will link to the idiocy. So here’s your link, Frank. But you’re full of crap. If you think blogs are so damned worthless, why did you just start one? The worst of it is that it is a nonsequetorial headache:

Blogs were quick to publish real or made-up exit polls at midafternoon, showing Kerry strength. That killed a 60-point rally in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

At least some traders read blogs, then, and act on what they read. Not so, it would appear, young voters. Advertisers including Nike (NKE: news, chart, profile) and Audi think Weblogs are the medium to reach young consumers. So where was the youth and minority vote? Not reading political blogs, it appears. MSNBC says the percentage of young voters who cast ballots was the same as it was four years ago.

Huh? Whoever said that blogs were going to bring out the youth vote. Whoever said that blogs were young (see picture: right)? Makes no friggin sense. But you got your link, Frank.

  • ahem

    His traffic factoids also contain omissions of some site’s traffic; the actual facts and inclusion of other sites would betray his pre-chosen argument.

  • Steel Magnolia

    “Whoever said that blogs were going to bring out the youth vote.”
    Much of the mainstream world thinks that Howard Dean and MoveOn invented the blogosphere.

  • Your next post where it’s innacurately claimed that Dan Rather called blogs an extension of Rove’s brain proves him right, Jeff. Unless bloggers stop being nothing more than a pack of lying ankle biters, they’ll never amount to anything more than an entertaining diversion.

  • Observer

    Smells like a pro journalist who is pissed he’s having to compete with ‘amateurs’.