The concession

The concession

: Good for you, Kerry, for conceding. Thank you.

  • Mike

    Don’t you find it a little strange that we are thanking a man for conceding a race that he lost? I mean, he is merely doing what a normal, honest opponent would do in this situation.
    That being said, I think Kerry’s speech was thoughtful, gracious, and probably displayed the sort of person who would have been more appealling to the undecideds.

  • There might have been some election fraud involving electronic voting. And, there might have been cases of voting suppression. Hopefully someone will look into that. If there was fraud, and it affected the election, I believe that trumps the blogger’s pledge.
    Here are four interesting links for Dems: Living Poor, Voting Rich, how Kerry could have won, what Kerry should have mentioned that would have enabled him to win, and Five Lessons Learned: The Donkey Gets Its Ass Kicked.
    The last link says: “The 2004 exit polls show that Kerry was drubbed among white males (61%-38%) and beaten by Bush among white females (54%-45%).” Is that any wonder from the party that welcomes people like Al Sharpton and Antonio Villaraigosa?
    You’d think that if the American Conservative magazine can print an editorial for Kerry, and Pat Buchanan’s editorial for Bush reads like all the reasons not to vote for Bush, and Ike’s son comes out for Kerry, and I and many other people on the right thought a Kerry win would be better than the alternative Kerry could have done a bit better and gotten more turnout.

  • Steve

    I agree that Kerry did the right thing in conceding. I also sincerely hope, however, that everyone follow the process through in Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and any other really, really close state. We need to resolve how to handle provisional ballots, and develop some good legal precedent. Imagine the difference in the fairness of the proceedings and the quality (read: non-partisanship) of the legal decisions regarding these ballots when they don’t effect the outcome as opposed to when they’re in the glare of a troubled national election. Let’s get some practice and learn how to do it right, so we’ll know how to do it later, if we have to.

  • That was a really eloquent concession speech. Where was that quality when it counted? Jeez.

  • Michael

    We need nationally-standardized voter registration, verification, technology and tabulation.
    I realized this election that while I’m registered where I currently reside, I’m sure I’m still on the books in the state I lived in 4 years ago. There was nothing – NOTHING – keeping me from voting here, then hopping on a plane to vote there.