Oh, Dan, you’re still hurt

Oh, Dan, you’re still hurt

: Rather Biased has a hilarious quote from Dan Rather trying to argue that blogs are an extension of Karl Rove’s brain. And you are an extension of whose brain, Dan?

“The secretary of state in Ohio says, we’re not going to have another Florida, we will count all of those votes no matter how long it takes. It might take as much as a week. We’ll simply have to wait and see. Ed Bradley, you did before saying clearly advantage Bush in Ohio, very hard to put the figures together and see how John Kerry can win.

“That being the case, one would expect that the blogging machine, which the White House and Bush-Kerry [sic] campaign have used to such strong advantage for any number of purposes over their four years will start, if it hasn’t started already, a campaign to say Kerry and Edwards for the good of the country need to concede.”

Dan Rather knows a thing or too about the collective power of blogs and the Internet but to make such a statement is preposterous. Looks like he’s still stuck in 1974.

Bradley all but agreed with Dan:

“I’m sure it started already.”

Rather agrees with Bradley’s assent: “Right.”