Exit the exit polls

Exit the exit polls

: I talked to a few reporters this afternoon who were asking about blogs and exit polls and all that.

I told them that there was nothing wrong with bloggers revealing exit polls. Oh, I was raised on the ethics of old, big media and I used to believe that was wrong … because everybody did. But blogging and this culture of transparency changed me. Now I believe there’s no reason to keep information from people.

Last night, blogs (other than this one) got bombarded with traffic (shutting down this host) for a simple reason: Bloggers were telling the public what they knew. Big media was not.

How absurd is that? When did journalists get into the business of not telling their public what they know?

To say that we should not share this information is essentially insulting and condescending to that public — as if they can’t handle it, as if knowing how Floridians allegedly voted would affect how an Oregonian will act. If you think you have to protect voters from information because they’re too fragile or stupid, then you don’t believe in democracy or the need for journalism. So tell the people what you know and let them decide what it means.

Besides… now that exit polls are utterly, laughably discredited, it won’t matter one bit when they’re revealed the next time. They are less informative than Vegas odds.