A letter to our President

A letter to our President

: Dear President Bush,

Now it’s about your legacy, not about the next election. Now is your chance to make history.

You can govern the entire nation and not play to your right fringe anymore. Oh, you can still have (prayer) breakfasts together, but you don’t have to kiss up to them for votes now. You can surprise everyone and become a President of the center with a vision of your own, not someone else’s: a Reagan or a Clinton.

You can bring stability and democracy to Iraq and set an example for the Middle East. I do (still) believe that is an honorable and necessary goal.

You need to do some hard work to build relationships — not with France, not with yesterday’s world, but with tomorrow’s.

You can make tough decisions about truly managing government and not cutting taxes while letting it grow.

You can bring together coalitions to find new solutions to health care, insurance, energy dependence, even the environment.

You can try.

Just one thing: Don’t even think about appoint John Ashcroft to the Supreme Court.

Thank you.