A letter to my fellow Democrats

A letter to my fellow Democrats

: Dear fellow losers,

He’s our President, too.

Come on, say it: He’s our President, too.

If you continue to treat him like the devil in a gray suit, you will only drive him to his fringe and drive his supporters toward their fringe and you will lose any hope of winning in four years. You will continue to divide America and give the other side license to do the same. So retract fangs and claws and empty the venom.

Treat him like your President and he might just act like it. Put country above party and we might even get somewhere. I don’t mean that you should suddenly start agreeing with him — ‘stem cells bad!’ — but that in this political process we hold so dear, you can push for what matters to you: You can get your congressmen, as many as we have, to drive the tax cuts down a little lower and improve the environment a little more and maybe even do something to fix health insurance. Compromise. Negotiate. Wheedle. Flies. Honey. You know the story.

Push him. Push him hard. That will accomplish more than angry attacks.

The alternative is to sit in a room and growl like the village nut. That won’t get us anywhere. And, in fact, it will damage the party and the worldview; it will push us toward our fringe so we get an even more unelectable candidate next time; it will let the Republicans grow. It’s a bad strategy.

So suck it up and repeat after me: He’s our President, too.

There, that didn’t hurt too much, did it?