Google, life preserver

Google, life preserver

: Terrorists capture a journalist, accuse him of being a CIA spy, but then Google his name and find out he’s legit and they let him go.

God help me if they Googled me. [via LostRemote]

  • Michael

    From the story: “They Googled him and then went onto a web site – either his own or his book publisher’s web site, I don’t know which one – and saw that he was who he was, and that was instrumental in letting him go, I think, or swinging their decision,” he told AP news agency.
    Yeah, becuase its so hard to create a web page that presents a false identity.

  • Did you see why they let him go? Yes Jeff, you would have been dead in 30 seconds. :-)

  • He’s not the first kidnapped journo with a tale like this. You’ve got to wonder if this is some kind of catch-and-release strategy aimed at scaring journalists into writing anti-Coalition pieces.
    Not that they need the encouragement, mind you.

  • Maybe the CIA should take note and create some fake identities online for it’s agents.

  • Eileen

    Yes Jeff, good idea; as should all international aid workers (even if they’ve been in country 30 years and married to Iraqis), contractors working for or with any coalition members, and etc., hmmmmm? :)
    There should be a way to just ‘google them’ into confusion/oblivion.