Dell sucks

Dell sucks

: Well, Dell doesn’t suck comletely. But Dell does suck today. They put out a coupon that was widely distributed for $750 off laptops over $1,500. Instapundit took advantage of it and posted it (then deleted the post, it appears). Slickdeals says they kept moving up the time. That’s not fair or right: You put out a deal, you shouldn’t change the deal midstream. That sucks.

I would have bought a Dell tonight. Maybe I’ll buy an Apple instead.

  • Buy a Mac, Jeff. You’ll thank me. Promise.

  • MattJ

    I hate to gloat but…
    Who am I kidding? ;)
    An officemate told me about the coupon and I bought mine at 11:30 Eastern. Right now I’m using a Dell laptop provided by my employer, but I’m changing jobs in 6 weeks. The timing on this deal was perfect for me.
    Sorry you didn’t get yours, Jeff.

  • Rex is right, Jefff 8) You’re a busy business guy with lots of people to network with, iSync is your friend. It comes with the OS, and has a convenient API *many* device and software makers are integrating with.
    I’ve got 500+ address book entries sync’ed with the iPod, a smaller subset sync’ed with the sony ericsson t610, and also mirrored on the secure web interface to the .Mac account.
    Imagine a laptop with built-in bluetooth and wifi, no ugly protruding external cards or USB dongle, that lets you author, and burn, DVDs and CDs, and a backlit keyboard that glows in the dark.
    Computing Nirvana :)

  • Using the deal you linked to, i configured a DELL that would be comparable in specs to the $2500 15″ Apple Powerbook with DVD/CD burner.
    The dell comes in ~$500 cheaper at $1,971
    I included the PDF generator software, ‘cuz OS X lets you generate PDF files for free: For any open document in any application, go to the print menu and choose “Save as PDF …”.
    The other pieces of ware I included were stuff I felt OS X gives you for free.

  • I had e-mails on that coupon last night and bought my new laptop at 06:15 this morning, about 15 minutes after the site became active. Sorry you missed it, but I still wouldn’t pay beaucoup bucks to Steve Jobs for a computer that IMHO isn’t THAT much better than was 97% of the general public uses.

  • don’t get a dell laptop, jeff- you are better off with a high quality IBM thinkpad- the x31 if you like a small machine, or the t41 if you want more power. dells are bulky, overpriced, and breakdown-prone. the thinkpads are a couple of hundred more, but they last twice as long.

  • Jeff,
    As you know, I’m supporting Micah’s switch to Mac. Obviously, you qualify for the same TLC.
    Yours in mature geekdom,

  • Jesse

    Dude, you’re getting a Dull computer!
    Unless you’re into hardcore 3D shooting games, why anyone would get a Windows computer boggles my mind. Of course at checkout it will appear that you’re paying less, but don’t forget to factor in the overall TCO.
    My opinion comes from an informed vantage point, in fact in my past life I was an MCSE in charge of several thousand Windows computers spread across five domains. I now use Mac OSX all day, every day, and have never looked back.

  • Rich

    They just revved the iBook line yesterday too, with all models now coming with built-in Airport Extreme and either DVD/CD-RW combo drives or DVD-R SuperDrives. Unless you *must* have a 15″ or 17″ screen, take a look at the iBooks and see if they meet your needs.