Madison & Vine & Sand Hill

Madison & Vine & Sand Hill

: I wish I could remember who was saying this to me this week (tell me and I’ll give you credit) but the Apple U2 commercial is more than product placement: It’s impossible to tell what’s really being advertised — the iPod, or iTunes, or U2. Then again, it’s not a commercial, it’s content. Then again, it’s a development partnership (see U2’s new black iPod). The lines aren’t just blurring. They’re erasing.

: CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: It was Steven Johnson who said that to me over lunch. Of course. If it was smart, it was Johnson. He was going to blog it but didn’t and I beat him to it. Nya nya. Anyway, Steven sent me email saying the complete list of what is being sold in that commercial is:

a. The new U2 single.

b. The new U2 album.

c. The iPod.

d. iTunes.

e. The iTunes Music Store.

f. QuickTime.

g. Apple.

h. U2.

i. All of the above.

Not to mention the new U2 iPod now and, while we’re at it, the concept that downloading music legally is good for your soul.