Bandwidth envy II

Bandwidth envy II

: The French are beating us. The friggin’ French! It’s one matter for the Koreans to best us in bandwidth. But the French! Says Andrew Levy in the comments below (here and here):

Hey Jeff, to feed your envy…

I live in Paris now, and here’s what I get for my 30 Euros per month: 6mbps downstream, 1mbps upstream. 100 channels of cable television VIA DSL, and free national phone calls VIA DSL, at no additional charge.

A year ago, when I signed up, it was just 2mbps downstream with no TV, but for the same price. The market here is in a bandwidth war, with each ISP consistently raising the ante. Bandwidth go up, price stay same.

Also, I pay absolutely zero to the former national phone monopoly, France Telecom, for a land line — the DSL is completely independent of a land line (which is rendered unnecessary by the free national phone calls).

It’s not South Korea bandwidth, but it’s a helluva lot more for a helluva lot less than in the USA.