The Daily Stern: No suggestions, please, we’re American

The Daily Stern: No suggestions, please, we’re American

: The Federal Censorship Commission just fined Fox $1.2 million for suggesting sex. Yes, suggesting.

By that standard, they might as well just go ahead and empty the piggybanks of every network, producer, star, advertiser, ad agency, magazine, and teenage boy in America. Suggesting sex is now a crime. Don’t have to do it. Don’t have to show it. Just have to suggest it, and you’re going bankrupt.

whipped.jpgThe Censorchip Commission rules:

Turning to the instant case, we begin our analysis with an examination of whether the material at issue depicts or describes sexual or excretory organs or activities. As noted above, the April 7, 2003, episode of

  • Walter E. Wallis

    Do you suppose I could use the FOE to get a copy of all those videos? Unedited?

  • jeff,
    when you interview michael powell, which i hope you get to do one day,
    please ask him why it takes his commission 1.5 years to read the 150+ complaints, look at the episode, and then decide.
    juries on murder cases dont spend 1.5 years to decide a case.
    and then find out why after they slack for that long they normally get it wrong.

  • Privacy Watch

    But crotch biting dogs and spoo hair gel are still ok? I feel so much safer…Thank you Michael Powel for saving me from Janet Jackson’s partially exposed nipple.

  • Andy Freeman

    Yup, Stern not being able to talk about boobies is a big threat to the first amendment.
    Meanwhile, political speech by the rest of us is regulated by the FEC. Said regulation was mainly for off-line activity, but that couldn’t last.

  • I suggest that the FCC go F themselves.

  • Mike

    Holy Crap, I can’t believe I’m actually going to agree with tony on this, but why is it that it takes the FCC so damn long to come down with a verdict? It happens with Stern’s fines and now with this Fox incident, as well as the JJ halftime peep show. What the hell can take them so long. I’m sure once Jeff gets the complaints, he will be able to go through them in less than half a day and pass judgement on them by the end of the day.
    Something needs to be addressed with the FCC, they just seem so arbitrary.

  • Robert S.

    159 complaints?! So an average of three people per US state can tell 275 million of us what we can watch? That’s outrageous!

  • billg

    Why the rants against the FFC but no rants against the law they’re applying? Or, would you all shut up if the FCC went after Jerry Falwell and the Christian Coalition instead of Howard Stern and Fox?
    As long as licensed broadcasters use what are considered the public airwaves, laws that regulate their behavior will be a simple political reality.
    The country has, sadly, moved right, in case you haven’t noticed. These days, being “right” means wanting to get Stern and pubescent Fox shows off TV more than preserving the First Amendment.

  • Andy Freeman

    The left provided the bulk of the votes for govt control of political speech by private citizens.
    I like boobies as much as the next guy, but if the first amendment doesn’t mean much if it protects Stern’s “right” to use the public airwaves to talk about boobies but not my political speech.