Who’s fake?

Who’s fake?

: Let’s stop calling Jon Stewart, SNL, et al “fake news.”

It’s not fake. It’s merely funny.

These days, who’s to say what’s fake, eh?

  • John Plato

    Wow. Just stopped back in after a long absence to see if you’d shown any signs of sanity, and I find this. “Who’s to say what’s fake, eh?” Well, reality is to say. If you make things up, you’re called fake news for a reason — to remind people that this little bit you staged or this over-the-top point you made to be funny isn’t real.
    To the extent we abandon this practice we race down the rabbithole.

  • Keith

    SNL Funny?
    I’m not on that band wagon with you.
    It is probably just me but I don’t find the modern day SNL funny.
    I am a big fan of the first 25 years though.

  • Who says they’re funny?

  • Privacy Watch


  • MWB

    The question isn’t “Who’s to say what’s fake?” it’s “Who’s to say what’s news?”

  • Joe Sims

    I believe I actually heard real live crickets during the “Weekend Update” segment on SNL this past week. Not funny.
    But then again, neither is Dan Rather…

  • Lee

    “We” aren”t calling it “fake.” The writers and Jon Stewart are.
    They are retaining the “right” to falsely quote candidates in their “Indecision 2004” shows– for comic effect. Some of it is funny. I most enjoy the bits of satire based on the candidates’ actual (mis)statements.
    This is widly different from the alarmist coverage of (Mullah) O’Reilly on Fox TV, the so-called personal “scripts” posted on FoxNews.com, inauthentic (non)”sources” for Bush guard service that CBS News used irresponsibly, the single sourcing on WMD Judy Miller published at the NY Times, or the purported plans of Sinclair Broadcasting to air an antiKerry docuemntary and call it news becaue they offer to have the candiadte rebut unverifiable charges.
    I hope your apparently cavalier question is at least ironic.

  • Angelos

    Falsely quote candidates?
    99% of the humor is letting the candidates speak for themselves. All you need is a Bush clip about “sovereignty” to see what an idiot he his.
    And any of Kerry’s ponderous clips will do the trick on the other side.

  • sbw

    Fake news? Who’s arguing about ‘fake’?
    Forget about ‘Fake’. Argue about ‘news’, for goodness sake. It’s not news, it’s entertainment and opinion.
    If some people have difficulty telling the difference, then that is where we need to invest some education dollars.

  • Cog

    I laugh the hardest when John Stewart says he is unbiased.