Turning 9/11 into a fad

Turning 9/11 into a fad

: The rush to hug the 9/11 Commission is getting both obnoxious and scary.

Yesterday, John Kerry said:

“If I’d been president last week, I would have immediately said to the commission ‘yes, we’re going to implement those recommendations.”

Well, how about considering them first? How about a little debate? How about trying to improve upon them?

I’m also concerned that the commission is turning into a shadow government. Kerry is talking about keeping them going for another 18 months.

Hmmm. Shouldn’t the president and the congress be running our anti-terrorism strategy now?

And last week, Kean and Hamilton didn’t do anything to stop speculation that they should get the new intelligence czar job they’re pushing for.

Sorry, but that smells like conflict of interest to me: Start a commission, propose a job, get the job, stay in power. There should be a code of ethics for commissions so they stay independent and do not find themselves in conflict of interest: Come and do your job and then go.