Fahrenheit $911

Fahrenheit $911

: The Wall Street Journal reports that big profits from Fahrenheit 9/11 will go to charity. It’s not because Michael Moore is a generous liberal. Ha! That’s a good one. No, in this wonderfully byzantine tale, it’s because Disney wanted to punish the Weinstein brothers. The Journal explains why charities yet to be picked — by Disney — will get up to 40 percent of the take:

According to people familiar with the matter, the media company was determined to punish the brothers for their alleged bad behavior by limiting the extent to which the Weinsteins could benefit.

In essence, Disney refused to sell the film to the brothers unless they agreed that they would not benefit personally any more than they would have under their employment agreement. That is still a lot of money: Under that complex deal, the Weinsteins typically pocket about 40% of the net profit from any Miramax picture, after the costs of distribution, prints and advertising and talent participations are deducted. But people close to the deal say that Disney demanded that the remaining 60% go to a charity or charities of its choice.

: Dear Disney, Michael Moore, and the Weinsteins,

A wag might suggest that the money be donated to the Bush campaign just for the value of the punchline. But I have a far better suggestion:

I urge you to donate this money to Spirit of America to benefit the people of Iraq.

If you care so much about the victims of the Bush war, as you see it, then, Mr. Moore, put some pressure on: Put Disney’s money where your mouth is and benefit these people.

And you might want to throw in a few of the gazillion bucks you’re making on your flick, too.

Thank you.