News from Iran

News from Iran

: Hoder uses his wonderful photoblog to report the news that that Sina Motallebi, the Iranian blogger who got out of jail and out of Iran, has been summoned and the bail that freed him is at issue.

: Hoder also says that since the mullahs started filtering (read: censoring) blogs his traffic has gone down.

: Finally, Hoder rightly points out that the Iranians putting the captured and blindfolded British sailors on a perp walk on TV was stupid, for it reminds us all of both the recently beheaded Westerners and the one-time hostages.

  • ajf

    It has certainly damaged the positive image Iran has made for itself after the 9/11 by not getting invloved in any Al-Qaida activities.

    Only a complete piece of garbage could write that.