Cablenewser scoop: Wolfowitz apologizes to reporters

Cablenewser scoop: Wolfowitz apologizes to reporters

: The amazing Cablenewswer gets a scoop: Wolfowitz sends an apology to reporters in Iraq for hinting they’re chicken. See Howard Kurtz’ story on the dustup.

  • FRanky

    He creates the chaos, always arrives to the scene of his crime always surrounded by dozens of bodyguards – and then calls others cowards. You couldn’t make this up.

  • Trump

    He’s right though, all these intrepid reporters never leaving the green zone, or even the hotel bar…

  • Ptolemy

    Does anybody truly believe they’re in Iraq to report news? Wasn’t that lie proved some time ago? Of course Wolf has bodyguards. If the entire staff of the BBC was murdered would anyone other than ANSWER care?

  • This editorial sounds like a lot of defensive excuses for why the reporters aren’t getting out of the Green Zone, although a few have (examples given in the op-ed in outraged tones).
    “Wouldn’t any prudent person be careful about traveling on these dangerous roads? Are journalists supposed to be cowboys who chase stories with no regard to their personal safety? And aren’t the reporters operating in an environment that administration officials predicted long ago would be a safe and democratic environment once Saddam was toppled?”
    Hello, war correspondents are supposed to chase important stories in dangerous environments, regardless of whether the occupation “should” have made it safe for them. If they don’t like it, they shouldn’t be war correspondents. What a whiner.
    Then quoting Dowd – yeah, lots of credibility there.

  • Andy

    Blogs by ordinary people reporting more and more accurately than phalanxs of reporters.
    The news of the world is changing. The subject matter can no longer be reported with the voice of absolute authority. The games played by reporters for TV audiences now get reported by blogs.
    The fight for truth and trust continues. But now blogs stand alongside networks, news agencies, TV-Radio-Print as legitimate sources. The news outlets have done themselves no good by choosing sides and annointing bad guys. They have surrendered their claims of impartiality in exchange for a “gotcha” moment.
    If I can see blogs as sources of truth and perspective how long before the public awakes?
    Or is there another level of consolidation and presentation necessary to reach a broader audience?

  • Michael

    If I can see blogs as sources of truth and perspective how long before the public awakes?
    Please, point me to such a blog of “truth and perspective.” (Hint: if your answer includes Buzzmachine, Instapundit, Kos, Eschaton, etc, keep looking)

  • Brian H

    W. was right on. There is no evidence whatsoever that any reporter has made any effort to cover what is going on outside the core of Baghdad except by very limited porxy. The alphabet soup networks are a pathetic, yellow-jounalist, joke.

  • Brian H


  • Franky

    Once again the temptation of mendacity proved too great for Trump. Who reported from the storming of Falluja? You’re the coward who sits at a computer screen and urges on a war and yet does nothing for it or about it. Pussy. Coward. Yellow. Of all the words I can think of the one I’m sure doesn’t apply: man.

  • arlo

    One of my favorite photos from the ME shows about 25 photographers bunched together taking the picture of a solitary kid posing in the act of throwing a rock. Why go hunt a story when you can generate one outside the hotel?
    Trump has hit a nerve, it seems. The media has behaved disgracefully in the this whole action, IMO.
    However, Wolfie should apologize for besmirching the courage of “journalists” like Peter Arnett and Fisk. It requires big brass ones to pump out the crap they produce.

  • Trump

    By the way Franky, the “journalists” who sit around the hotel bar still use the same guides, translators and “fixers” who were their watchdogs under the Baathist regime. That says something, doesn’t it?
    I have one thing that can never be applied to you: critical thinker.

  • Trump

    You’re the coward who sits at a computer screen and urges on a war and yet does nothing for it or about it.
    LOL, I guess my taxes, political activism and votes constitute doing “nothing for it”
    Like I said Franky, nobody will ever call you a critical thinker….the best you can ever hope for is “critical”

  • Moore is another Limbaugh blowhard, making money off the tragedy of others, and creating vicious anti-American agitprop in the middle of the war on terror.
    Here’s the real movie poster — funny!

  • Left_Winger

    Get real, although Moore is slightly slanted in his opinions and conspiracy theories, I applaud him for opening americian’s eye’s to the Bush administration redundant idioticies.
    Moore simply compliled alot of info that we already knew.
    See this!