: Bush backs condoms to stop AIDS. Wonkette says: “In related news, the White House warned audiences that Darth Vader is actually Luke’s father and said that Homeland Security has many leads on who shot J.R….”

  • shark

    Now had he pushed an abstinance program instead, you’d jump all over him as an American-Taliban religious nut……can he ever get a break?

  • James Stephenson

    If AIDS is still spreading in America. Some people have not gotten the message on condoms yet.
    Or is there some other way to stop the spread of Aids, short of abstaining?
    Truly he can never catch a break. And Poor Sullivan, is gonna trust a man who wants to turn our armed forces over to the UN to take care of the terrorists. Well at least if the terrorists win, we will not have to read about Stern here or about the Same Sex Marriage thing.
    Of course I will be dead since I will not submit to Allah. But hey got to look at the bright side.

  • John Anderson

    He gets a [small] break on this by backing down from a previous position that condoms and other prevention methods were not to be mentioned, only abstinence, on pain of losing funding.

  • Angelos

    Exactly John.
    Hus fundamentalist, anti-woman, anti-reality policies have been frightening.
    His FIRST ACT as president was to re-impose the gag order in worldwide family planning units, at the threat of loss of funding. Compassion, baby.
    This IS an amazing revelation, a common sense statement from a giant numbskull.

  • Don

    Ah,tha Wonkette. So kind-of-funny.

  • shark

    Angelos, what do you define as “anti-woman” policies from Bush?
    You may also want to note that he’s responsible for helping liberate many women from the taliban…

  • maybe he should actually provide the condoms. i mean, he’s providing Iraq & Afghanistan with much more…
    since we’re paying $2.35 a gallon for unleaded maybe his oil buddies could throw in a 3-pack with each fill-up.

  • Kim

    Well I’ll be, Bush is funding condoms because of success in Uganda fighting AIDS. Wake me when he advocates them for birth control.

  • shark

    I dunno Tony, I think that Big Labor should take some of the union dues they’re funneling to political campaigns and donate the condoms themselves :)

  • Tom

    Calling Bush “anti-woman” is unwarranted.
    In addition to what shark said above, the Bush administration has spent a huge amount of work and time combatting the international sex-slave trade.

  • What I wanted to know was which condoms. I mean, is he a Rough Riders® kind-of guy, or more for Trojan Lifestyles® to get that extra sensitivity? After all, it only takes a ribbed “for extra pleasure” or a trusty tickler to really turn the polls around and recapture that Stern demographic.

  • scott

    I’m not a Bush backer, nor will vote for him in the fall…
    However, it is nice to see that ideology did not trump reality regarding this issue. Kudos to Bush. Hopefully this will help save some lives.
    Now…about birth control recommendations in the US…..

  • Michael

    I thought Darth Vader was really Dick Cheney and George Bush was his useful idiot.

  • Brian H

    Is “lubcricated” some kind of hilarious deliberate neologism? Or just a dumb mis-spell?

  • John Doe

    The most successful anti-AIDS program in Africa is Uganda’s “ABC” program. ABC stands for Abstinence Before marriage, Condoms if necessary. Homosexual activists in America have opposed funding ABC-like programs because they object to teaching abstinence (and don’t care about a few dead Africans).

  • Angelos

    Afghanistan had nothing to do with liberating women, that was no more than a side effect. What a ridiculous argument. You actually bought that from Laura?
    -Again, his first act as president was to reinstate Reagan’s Mexico City policy, reinstituting the gag order.
    -A third of his proposed new Aids prevention money for Africa is directed to groups that exclude condoms and rely on “abstinence-only” messages.
    -Over-riding the FDA’s approval of OTC emergency contraception.
    -The “Family Time Flexibility Act” that allows employers to deny paid overtime and force compensatory time off, not at time and a half, but straight-time equivalents.
    -Appointing an ultra-conservative woman to the National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women who has posted on a website the following: “The battered women’s movement has outlived it usefulness.”
    -The Women, Infants and Children nutrition program that provides milk, eggs and cereal to pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants will be gutted as we spend more on war and tax cuts.
    -Unemployment among women increased 41% within the past three years. More than two million women have left the labor force, and no one was harder hit than single working mothers, with the unemployment rate for female heads of household soaring to 8.4%.
    That was just 2 minutes of research.
    Feel the compassion.

  • Alice

    So here’s the problem: neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have cornered the market on consistency. It is totally appropriate to say it’s great Bush endorsed the use of condoms and to also point out that he is talking out of both sides of his mouth. He can’t advocate the use of condoms in Africa and not here. So if he makes his position a hell of a lot more consistent I’ll happily sing his praises. And one of the major reasons AIDS spreads in Africa is because of misogynistic cultures where rape of women, even relatives, is common place. Would a rapist use a condom? Should we be teaching young African girls to beg their uncles to put one on before they are “deflowered”? Sorry, but let’s deal with that reality folks. And the strain of AIDS dominant there is much more easily spread. What will happen when it reaches this country? We need free birth control distributed to all people interested, no matter where they are on the planet. The abstinence folks don’t have to use it. I think abstinence is great, but living in denial about how humans will really behave is deadly.

  • Alice

    Oh, and girls attending school for the first time in Afghanistan is a “side effect” I, and they, will take any day of the week. We just have to make sure we as a nation don’t pull a 180 when it’s politically convenient, something that both parties do with regularity, which is why I’m not obsessed with party politics.

  • If the equation “more condoms=less AIDS” is so self-evident, why has AIDS continued to spread?
    Perhaps because… it doesn’t work?
    It doesn’t take much deep comprehensive study of human nature to realize that presenting people with something to allegedly make an inherently risky behavior “safer” leads to individuals engaging in that behavior more often. “It’s okay, I’ve got a rubber” ignores the fact that condoms only statistically REDUCE the risk for sexually transmitted diseases… and the consequent increase in sexual activity due to that false sense of security eventually wipes out any statistical advantage.
    Second, touting condoms as a solution to the spread of AIDS or any other sexually transmitted disease ignores certain basic flaws in the condom itself. First and foremost the fact that the statistic for pregnancy when using a condom is 17%…. that’s using a condom 100% of the time. About 1 in 6, give or take. If the failure rate for condoms that results in pregnancy is that high, how much higher is the overall failure rate?
    Plus it has been observed that, although the microscopic latex mesh of the condom is quite good enough to stop sperm, for stopping viruses it’s the equivalent of catching BB’s with a tennis racket. Faith in the sacred rubber also requires you ignore breakage, slippage, improper storage (high or low temperatures– such as in a warehouse or delivery truck– cause latex to break down, as does exposure to UV light) or the simple fact that venereal sores cover much more of the pelvic region than is covered by the condom.
    I also note with amusement that the condom companies have customers in the perfect double bind— if your girl gets pregnant or you get a disease, it’s because you didn’t use the condom “properly.” The proof that you didn’t use the condom properly? Why, the fact that the girl got pregnant or you caught a disease…. and good luck proving that you didn’t use the product improperly.
    The reason the condom drive has failed to halt the spread of AIDS is because halting the spread of AIDS requires acting responsibly. And the condom is nothing more than an attempt to find a way to behave immorally and irresponsibly and still get away with it. It’s the infantile and selfish fantasy of the “get out of jail free” card….
    You want to stop AIDS? Twofold program, and the only one that will ever, EVER work.
    1)Abstinence till marriage. Period. Promoted, and practiced. All other methods are just the machinations of spoiled children who wish to keep behaving as deplorably as they did before.
    2)TREAT THE DAMNED DISEASE LIKE A DAMNED DISEASE. We show more caution around CHICKEN POX than we do about a 100% fatal, 100% incurable, blood-and-fluid-borne viral infestation that can be transmitted with a single drop of semen or blood. Diagnosis, quarantine, and vector tracking could halt this disease in one generation…. all we have to do is impliment it. But we do not do so for fear of offending the ‘gay’ community, at the very same time we’re forced to chant the mantra that AIDS isn’t a “gay disease.” If we were serious about stopping the spread of AIDS we would tell GLAAD and all the other homosexual groups to go piss up a rope, and start quarantining those with the virus– no exceptions. Hurt your feelings? Damned shame. But it’s a damn shame when someone comes down with scarlet fever, smallpox or malaria, too.
    Both of the above measures will of course be ignored at all costs. To consider them would be to admit that it’s your own damned fault if you get an easily avoidable disease by your own misbehavior.