DoubletTree sucks

DoubletTree sucks

: I’m imprisoned in a Doubletree “hotel” in Skokie right now in a sweltering room with an airconditioner that doesn’t work and a front-desk “manager” who doesn’t give a damn. Not that you should care. But some hapless traveler who may come upon this post someday stands warned. DoubleTree sucks.

  • Ed

    But, more importantly, does it have broadband?

  • Only for a fee. Only wired.

  • Brian M

    My family had the same problem — unresponsive management — when put upon by an extraordinarily loud party (i knew most of the guests’ names by 3 a.m., by the shouting) at a Philadelphia-area DoubleTree.

  • goof

    I am sorry to hear about your distress. Why don’t you head downtown Skokie and party like a potentate?

  • Mike G

    Wasn’t it a Doubletree that those guys did the Powerpoint complaint about?

  • Tom W

    I stayed at the Doubletree San Jose for A SF convention and it was Great!

  • “Wasn’t it a Doubletree that those guys did the Powerpoint complaint about?”
    Yup ->
    “Yours is a Very Bad Hotel”

  • Mike

    Then get the manager’s name and complain to corporate. A poorly run franchise or what-not of a business is not a new thing. All businesses have that occur from time to time and place to place.

  • Kim

    You need a personal asst. (no, not applying)
    I called Doubletree HQ at 1-800-222-8733 and asked for guest assistance. Alice told me you need to speak to the general manager. It appears desk managers are quite irrelevant. She told me you would need to call and place a complaint. I explained your predicament and Alice asked why you were still there. Some customer service. I said you were in town for business and thought you had already booked adequate lodgings that included AC. She decided to email the general manager herself on your behalf and make sure you were taken care of. Hope it helps!

  • Independent George

    Jeff, didn’t you make the exact same post about a year ago?

  • Kim: Wow! Thanks. The GM called me this morning.
    Indepdnent: Now that you mention it, yes, I did. Well, I sure don’t learn my own lessons, do I?

  • Kim

    Good to hear to hear they followed through. I hope this means you have AC.