: I thought people would give up anything for an In-N-Out burger, even – ahem -their virginity.

But, no, Avril Lavigne wouldn’t topple for Fred Durst’s everything with fries. Best Week Ever (again) reports Avril’s account:

“I mentioned to Fred that I was hungry, like, ‘I want an In-N-Out burger.’ “He had someone go out and get me a whole box of them, with fries. I was like, ‘Yeah!.’ Then he took a private jet out to one of my shows, expecting me to bang him. He was disappointed that I wouldn’t even go near him. He was a little pissed that I went to my room alone that night.”

  • Just to add to the story — we interviewed the current Playmate of the Year about this story, and she said “Oh, I wouldn’t topple for a box of hamburgers. They’d have to have cheese on them.”

  • i think its awesome that youre so into the Best Week Ever, which is a really great show.

  • Um, who is Fred Durst?

  • Avril’s a virgin?

  • Mike G

    I was really shocked by this until I realized I was confusing Fred Durst with Fred Savage.

  • okay Jeff, which is it:
    a) boredom
    b) research
    c) mid-life crisis
    that leads to consecutive posts from Best Week Ever?