Compare and contrast

Compare and contrast

: PaidContent tells us that Yahoo is testing a new home page.

What, they made it even messier?

Go look at Yahoo. Then go look at Google. Rococo vs. Reformation. Mess vs. not.

  • Actually, yahoo offers this minimalist alternative:
    …though they’re not trying very hard to let you know.

  • billg

    I think it’s an apples and oranges comparison.
    Google wants people to come to their site to search. Yahoo wants people to come to their site to use their directory, check the news, scores, stocks, weather, TV schedules, read their mail, shop, chat, etc. Sure, you can run a search there, too, but that’s only one reason for using Yahoo.
    A Yahoo home page that displayed only a search bar, with a few text links to the other stuff, would probably put them out of business. Ditto a Google page that included links to their directory, the news groups, news, Froogle, etc.
    The sites do different things and their home pages reflect that.

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  • To cut through the clutter, Yahoo needs personalized navigation, a Yahoo for each user that emphasizes the features on Yahoo you need.
    Yahoo has a huge number of features. Because they show the same home page to everyone, they try to stuff them all on that page. Instead, they could build custom home pages for each user, emphasizing the features that I use and marketing new features that I don’t know about.