The hearings

The hearings
: God bless Mayor Giuliani. He told the 9/11 Commission today what they other too many others need to hear and have too often forgotten:

Our enemy is not each other, but the terrorists who attacked us….

The blame should be put on one source alone, the terrorists who killed our loved ones.

: I listened to part of the hearings in the car on the way back from a meeting and I ended up shouting at the shouters, the people who interrupted Giuliani yelling about radios and such. I don’t know who they were; I hope they weren’t family members. Whoever was shouting, if they think they are somehow paying tribute to or protecting the memory of the brave firefighters and police who died in the towers with their heckling, they are wrong. It is unfortunate that they fit in all too easily with the m.o. of these hearings.

This should not be about finding blame. This should be about finding improvements.

: The commission’s idiocy returns today. Timothy Roemer played a prosecutor on TV as he repeatedly asked one witness whether a given problem was solved or not. The witnessed tried to answer but Roemer would not let him. He would accept only one-word answers: solved or not? If Roemer and this commission have not yet learned that this is not about simplistic one-word, one-dimension answers, then they might as well just quit now.

: Michele blogged Guliani’s testimony and she found it hard.