It’s Iran, stupid

It’s Iran, stupid
: Roger L. Simon is way worked up — and that’s a good thing — about politicians and media paying insufficient attention to Iran.

  • Don’t forget Syria.
    When we do invade Iran we’ll likely have Afghan and Iraqi troops fighting alongside us. Along with British, Polish, Italian, Australian, Azeri, Georgian, Uzbek, Tajik, and possibly even Armenian and Turkish troops.
    Syria is going to be more problematical. We’ll either have to get an agreement from Israel that she’ll stay strictly neutral, or go in with Israel as a full partner in the war. I’m hoping the latter since, after all, we don’t really get all that much oil from the Gulf States in the first place, and we can always buy from Iraq if we need to.
    However it goes mainstream media may have to expand their staffing just to keep up the coverage, or utterly ruin their already seriously damaged reputations.

  • Faramin

    Invading Iran? Dream on! Usually people who write such prescriptions as yours, are the least courageous ones. You won’t be fighting to invade Iran, will you? If yes, you will go in vertically, and come back horizontally. BTW, how old are you dear?

  • Now look what you’ve done, gotten Faramin all upset. Now we’ll never be invited to the cool parties.

  • Faramin

    Very funny, Andrea. Instead of spending energy, being “funny”, may be you should reread Alan’s comment to see how stupidly insulting it is. Oh, I forgot, you think the same way as he does. So, you can join him in his childish venture, but remember, then my response to him would apply to you too.

  • onecent

    Andrea’s opinion is vallidated by Victor”>”>Victor David Hanson. Iran is meddling into the affairs of Iraq. As Hanson points out Jimmy Carter, during the Hostage Crisis, had the option of warning, then bombing military targets in Iran Israeli style. Far different then a troop invasion. Instead he empowered the crazy mullahs by cowering. Not much different from today.
    And, Faramin, got any thoughts on the tipping point when Israel takes out Iran’s nuclear capability. Iran is skating so far on bad behavior, the slap down is coming one way or another. And foreign boots on its soil may not be necessary.

  • Ooh, gee, I’m so scawed of the scawy Fawamin. I know you are but what am I. I’m rubber and you’re glue, everything you say bounces of me and sticks to you. I see London, I see France, I see Faramin’s—
    Okay, now I’m really scared.

  • Faramin

    You sound more like a failed stand up comedian Andrea!

  • Long experience, Faramin?
    Iran’s mullahs have about as much support as an old bra with rotten latex.

  • BTW, I know I’m not right for the military. Even if I wasn’t 50 the combination of clinical depression and anxiety disorder (with the occasional panic attack) renders me unfit for military service. No boast, just fact. So I will leave combat up to those who are qualified, and offer such support and encouragement as I can.
    As the farmer remarked after clobbering the mule with a two by four, “Sometimes you have to get their attention.”

  • Doctor Slack

    Just to comment on the Simon piece for a second here. Aside from the current grab-bag of warflogging cliches — especially the Europhobia and the adolescent woe-is-me handwringing about “partisan politics” — I’m hard-pressed to find any sign of an actual point in the post. Yes, Iran is a theocracy, and yes, Iran’s pro-democracy movement is giving the theocrats hell, and yes, that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, that in itself doesn’t answer the question of why this should, in America, be displacing news about a) how the US government has handled and is handling terrorism; b) upcoming US elections (I hear those election thingies are sort of important); or c) the current state of a country or two where the American military is already tied up. I hate to sound callous, but with all of that happening, Simon kind of needs to make a case as to why Iran should currently be front page news, and particularly why anyone should care about his opinion of the morals of people who don’t see it as such.
    I mean, is Simon clamoring for an Iran invasion now that the Iraq adventure looks to be going so well? Is he making the case for a tie-in between the Sadrists and Iran? (If so, does he have some response to contrary assessments?) Going on that post alone all I see is an empty demand for outrage — and, you know, there’s plenty enough to be outraged at right now that that sort of thing is really just noise.