Fatwa me, baby

Fatwa me, baby
: Wonkette has the roundup on Grand Ayatollah Sistani and anal sex. Marc Cooper started. this latest thread.

I hear the FCC is about to fine the Ayatollah.

: You have to go to this gallery of photos of the Ayatollah. He sure looks like a guy who needs to get laid or at least change his mind about masturbation.

  • “Marc Cooper started it”?
    FWIW, liberal blogs went through this phase months ago (here’s an example).
    Heard about the dance craze, Jeff? It’s called the “Macarena.” ;-)

  • Fine. On the blogosphere a new rule: no one can ever start anything for someone surely started it before.
    I meant he started this particular thread of links. I’ll say that.

  • ema

    I couldn’t resist asking a question. I wonder if you have to be a Muslim to get an answer?

  • Jeff, is there something you want to tell us?

  • dcr

    go and search who yr fathers are?mothers fuckers

  • aisha maruzi

    I am a shia muslim, living in california for now half a year, thank you for treating my religion like you do mr. jarvis, thank you so much, this is the right way to understand each other religion, I would never have to idea to tell things like you do about the pope

  • Morty

    Ayatollahs and anal sex… ooo… how risque. Cutting edge stuff.