Dancing on graves

Dancing on graves
: SmartMobs says the Rev. Billy is out to descreate the World Trade Center with his stupid flashmob again.

  • michael

    How exactly do you plan a flashmob? Isn’t that contrary to its nature?

  • Reading the First Ammendment at Ground Zero. Moving the Republican convention to Sept. and holding it in New York.
    Now which one is desecration?

  • Neither, Steve. One is some silly bugger trying to get attention for his boring faux-art, the other is something that happens every four years. (Except for it being held in New York — but I’m not sure why it shouldn’t be held in New York. Would you be okay with the Democratic National Convention being held in NY instead, and if so, why?)

  • I actually would have as much problem if the Dems had moved the convention to September and held it in NYC in a clear move to use 9/11 for politics.
    And Rev. Billy doesn’t hold this at ground zero. it is in the subway station.