Hide your head

Hide your head
: The Scotsman talks to former bloggers to ask why they gave up their blogs and refers to them all anonymously. The shame. The shame.

  • midwich

    “A blog

  • The initial draft of that article has more info:

    “I promised anonymity because I wanted people to speak plainly about their feelings, and not be concerned about being flamed for declaring potentially controversial thoughts in public.”
    (via Mark Pilgrim)
    Myself, I’ve been unhappy with blogging for a while now. As I put it:

    blogs work for professional talkers

    There’s nothing wrong with being a talker. But most people aren’t professional talkers.

  • I’ve never been a professional talker in my life. I did get an “A” in the speech class I had to take at community college, though. Does that count?

  • Syl

    This insistence on lack of anonymity comes from those who have a ‘name’ and view themselves as important. Look at me! I’m myself! See how honest I am! Who are YOU? Oh, nobody, I see. Too bad.
    As long as a person uses a consistent name on his/her blog and in comments spread throughout the sphere, an identity of thoughts and ideas and attitudes can be established. That is all that’s important.