Getting closer

Getting closer
: Tom sends us to a new RSS reader called Pluck that operates inside Internet Explorer. I’ve been waiting for a reader that would do that. I don’t ever want anything clogging up my Outlook more than it’s already clogged; I find a separate ap awkward; I find a web-served reader limited. What I really want is to be able to do everything — see what’s update; subscribe; read; link — inside my browser.

Pluck is a good start. But it has limitations. They foolishly came out without the ability to read OPML lists of feeds exported from other RSS readers (thus it’s near impossible to switch). I did as they said and put my file in the right folder; still didn’t work.

Because they trick the browser into looking at a Pluck page that, in turn, pulls up RSS files and web pages, it appears impossible to bookmark anything you’ve viewed through Pluck; that’s a big weakness.

All in all, what Pluck really does, based on a quick evaluation, is show the power of adding RSS to Internet Explorer.

When are you going to get around to it, Microsoft?

: UPDATE: UNINSTALLED: I couldn’t even find the place to put OPML files (and went twice to their forums to follow their inaccurate instructions). Without that, this is useless to me. Pluck got one chance to win me over. They lost it. Uninstalled. I plucked Pluck.