What a twit

What a twit
: I was already glad that Howard Dean lost. But, you know, the guy manages to remind me of how glad I am:

Former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean said yesterday that President Bush’s decision to send troops to Iraq appears to have contributed to the bombing deaths of 201 people in Spain….

Dean referred to the videotape when asked whether he was linking US troops in Iraq to the deaths in Spain.

“That was what they said in the tape,” Dean said. “They made that connection, I’m simply repeating it.”

Dean made the remarks during a conference call with reporters as he was defending his former rival John F. Kerry, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, from a Bush campaign ad. The ad accused Kerry of turning his back on US soldiers fighting in Iraq.

Dean said it is the president who has not supported the troops. He said Bush sent soldiers to Iraq unequipped, misled the country on the reasons for war, and made the United States less safe by focusing on a target that wasn’t a threat.

And, he said, “The president was the one who dragged our troops to Iraq, which apparently has been a factor in the death of 200 Spaniards over the weekend.”

Dean issued a statement later to The Associated Press that said, “Let me be clear, there is no justification for terrorism. Today I was simply repeating what those who have claimed responsibility for the bombings in Spain said was the reason they carried out that despicable act.”

And they also say we are the devil; should you repeat that?

This man was never the stuff of the presidency. Thank goodness the voters are so smart.