The Daily Stern: PM edition

The Daily Stern: PM edition

: F KCRW: Sandra Tsing Loh, fired KCRW commentator and fellow traveler with Howard Stern and Bubba the Love Sponge, writes her story for Time and concludes:


  • Dan Herzlich

    Stern is turning into Imus. He’s substituting the sex stuff for political stuff, but still looking to be outrageous.
    My prescription for Stern:
    1. Fire Gary and the other freaks. Stern’s problem is that he can only have people around him who are more flawed than he is, hence his show is produced at a unambitious level.
    2. Add tech stories to the show. If he got some tech saavy wonk to help with the smartphone and other gadget stuff, he could clean up with product placement and advertising. Now, he just talks about how he is flummoxed by his Treo. This am, Robin said, “That phone just does too many things.” palmOne is not getting any mileage from Stern’s ineptitude. His show could potentially make gizmondo and endgadget look insipid.
    3. Do a blog. Become king of the blogging world. Hire some writers to keep a steady churn of content. You’ll build a whole new following.
    4. Do more interviews with interesting personalities instead of dwelling on KC’s personal psychopathology.
    I wonder how many people realize that if he switched his show to after 10 pm this would solve most of his problems. But I think the sex/bathroom humor is getting old and is not attracting the younger audience.
    Franken is definitely coaching Stern now. His arguments against Bush are getting better. He should wise up, give up the old shock schlock now that the free speech fight has more media people listening to his show.
    Howard, I know you’re reading this. It’s time not to be intimidated by people who are more together than yourself. You’re fucking 50 years old, DUDE.
    DH – The nearer your destination the more you’re slip-sliding away.

  • Ed

    It’s nice to know The Fellowship is a bi-partisan group.
    Franken radio will probably be about as successful as Harry Shearer radio: sometimes funny, sometimes interesting satire, with almost no audience or advertisers.

  • KMK

    $600 a month, on C St., two blocks from the capitol and they dine together once a week to discuss religion in their daily political lives…….well, isn’t that special.

  • Ric Locke

    Oh! Horrible! Scary! The Christians are getting together! Their constituents are subsidizing that! What a horrid abuse! Oh, my… well, can’t say that, can I? Run away! Run away!
    Thus illustrating perfectly why the 60% of Americans who are practicing Christians (not including me, BTW) are getting a bit irritated.
    Of course you can always drag out your secret weapon:
    “Do you know what this is? This is a United States Federal District Judge of the Ninth Circuit. It’s got a Living Constitution. Now tell me, punk: do you feel lucky?”
    Well, no.

  • When did they make Chattanooga a state?

  • DH: Man, that’s scary. You are turning Stern into Imus. How to make him dull in one easy lesson. Don’t quit your day job, eh?

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    Uh, Jeff? That’s $3600/month for a million dollar townhouse. Say it’s a $900,000 loan at 5 percent, the net payment is about $4800, and as a rental property you can depreciate it. Rough figures, the owners are either breaking even or actually making a little net cash.
    That’s assuming the owners are financing it instead of owning it fee simple. If they already own it, they’re making out like bandits.
    Going another way, I looked at, and found listings for six bedrooms-in-shared-residence in Georgetown for between $600 and $900 a month. (Prices are comparable on Capitol Hill.) The $600 is in a 5+ bedroom place. So they’re paying something much like a market rent. Which makes sense, since it would be both against the law and against Senate rules for the rent to be subsidized.
    Brownbeck is hardly my favorite guy, but as far as the claim that he’s getting subsidized rent goes, you and Lara Jakes Jordan owe Brownbeck et al. an apology.

  • Menlo Bob

    Jeff, you’ve just been fisked by Charlie.

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    Actually, I fisked Laura Jakes Jordan. Jeff just got taken in by her story.

  • Dan Herzlich

    Jarvis, et. al.:
    Paranoid ideation is not productive. Why are you so willing to imbue the religious right which such power? Is it just because some Jesus movie is cleaning up at the box office. Oh my god, it must be a trend, let me write an article.
    Everybody in this country wants to start a self-righteous crusade against his own perceived enemy.
    Herzlich out, bub-bye.
    DH – Just because you feel it, doesn’t mean it’s there.