: John Battelle tells Time Warner to spin off AOL already.

And while we’re telling them what to do I just want to make sure — as a long-suffering shareholder — that they won’t allow one single expense-account meal at the $300-$500-per-head (plus drinks, tax tip) restaurant in their expensive new HQ. Not one, boys.

  • Hipocrite

    I expect to give the place a shot. Could it be better than Nobu, at only ~3x the price?

  • Dan Herzlich

    You’ll sooner see me there, talking with some VC’s than in some coffee shop in South Orange.

  • Tom

    I still like Japonica. But that’s just me.

  • I live 8 blocks from the much-ballyhood TW building. It’s an upscale mall. BFD.