A year later

A year later
: Today is the one-year anniversary of the amazing, wonderful, useful, groundbreaking, news-business-changing Command Post… but cofounder Michele is not celebrating. She’s fretting:

Everybody loves an anniversary, terrorists included. Numbers, symbolism, special dates – conspiracy theorists have a field day with that stuff. But it’s not always theory, is it?

Now that we know al-Qaeda is seeking revenge for America and its allies participation in the de-throning of Saddam, I have to wonder if that merry band of murderers has something up their collective sleeves.

  • We plan on celebrating Friday. Hopefully, my little black cloud will have dissapated by then.

  • Dinosaur

    Don’t fret Michele. Think of all the goodwill we built up when we deposed Hussein.

  • Thanks for the kind adjectives, Jeff … they’re so nice I’ll even let the appointment of Michele as sole founder slide.
    And about her clouds … there’s more than enough silver lining to her to go around.

  • Alan: Sorry. I knew better. two-little letters matter and they’re added! And congratulations on a great site and service.

  • Alan is the brains. I’m just the person who feeds off of Alan’s brains. A blog zombie, if you will.

  • “Alan is the brains.” Total horseshit, but nice to hear nonetheless. Truth is, Michele sells my body as a way of paying bandwidth fees.