Teens online

Teens online
: Jupiter’s David Card studies teens online and finds:

Fewer than 20 percent of online teens say they visit the sites of their favorite TV networks, radio stations, or magazines on a monthly basis, but the same is true for adults. Compared to adults, more online teens are regular users of instant messaging (71 percent) and personal Web pages (30 percent), including Weblogs, or blogs….Online programmers and marketers should develop tie-ins with music programming and focus on activities that involve highly interactive engagement, including instant messaging, blogs, message boards, polls, personal pages, and gaming.

  • AvatarADV

    Whereas the target market will, of course, continue to avoid anything that has to do with marketers and continue to happily do our own thing. For what possible reason would I want to pay attention to anything that they have to say? People who have products I wan’t don’t need online marketers to sell them to me, and providing “bait” in the form of things I might enjoy and then ambushing me with ads is only going to get me to go elsewhere. And there’s always other places to go…

  • Joe Peden

    You are talking about nothing

  • Old Grouch

    The radio station websites I’ve checked out are, by and large, content free… once you get past the popups, demands to load Flash, and “you must have cookies enabled” nonsense.
    It amazes me that anyone encountering such a site would *ever* come back, let alone “visit once a month.”